Winery: Quinta de la Rosa
Founded in: 1906 
Region: Douro Valley - Portugal
Owner: Sophia Bergvist

Quinta de la Rosa has been in the Bergqvist family since 1906. The estate currently has around 55 hectares under vine and produces around 50,000 litres of Port and 160,000 litres of table wine each year. Located about 100kms inland from Oporto, and set in the heart of the Alto Douro 'A Grade' Port growing area and is situated along the banks of the Douro river, near Pinhão: - please enjoy the short Quinta de la Rosa video...

Winery: Kaesler Wines
Founded in: 1893
Region: Barossa Valley, South Australia
Chief Winemaker: Reid Bosward

The Kaesler family were pioneers who settled in the Barossa Valley in the 1840s. In 1891 they bought a parcel of land and in 1893 planted their first vines. Kaesler wines are made from these ancient, dry grown vineyards. Reid and a team of investors began winemaking on the property in the 1990's - with a sole purpose to produce quality wines. One of the most exciting range of full-throttle wines from South Australia: - please enjoy the short Kaesler video...

Winery: Paul Jaboulet Aîné
Founded in: 1834
Region: Rhône Valley, France
Owner / Head Winemaker: Caroline Frey

Paul Jaboulet Aîné has been synonymous with quality wine in the Rhône Valley for more than 180 years. Today there is a renewed sense of passion which has been growing since 2006, when the Frey family bought the property and began implementing changes to return Jaboulet to its rightful position in the world of wine. This extraordinary turn around, can be seen in their quality wines, driven by Caroline Frey: - please enjoy the short Paul Jaboulet video...

Winery: Allan Scott Family Wines
Founded in: 1990
Region: Marlborough, New Zeland
Owner / Director: Allan Scott

Allan Scott is a name synonymous with wine in New Zealand. One of the first independent wineries in Marlborough, established in 1990, Allan Scott Family Winemakers have made a name for themselves in this highly competitive industry. Allan has some 40 years in the wine industry, which makes him one of the most experienced people in Marlborough when it comes to growing, making and marketing wine: - please enjoy the short Allan Scott video...