Winery: Pascal Jolivet Wines
Founded in: 1987
Region: Sancerre, Loire Valley, France
Owner / Chief Winemaker: Pascal Jolivet

The dynamic Pascal Jolivet was the first of a new breed of winemakers in the Loire Valley. While respecting traditions and values, aiming to make French Sauvignon - Pouilly-Fume and Sancerre attractive again. While achieving finesse, balance and mineral hints, a hallmark of the Loire, he believes in letting nature make his wines, using techniques that allow the natural flavour and character of the fruit shine: - please enjoy the short Pascal Jolivet video...

Winery: Stonyridge Vineyard 
Founded in: 1982
Region: Waiheke Island, New Zealand
Owner / Chief Winemaker: Stephen White

Stonyridge is dedicated to producing the finest Cabernet blends in the world - combining traditional winemaking with meticulous organic viticulture. Located in a north-facing valley, sheltered from south-westerly winds by the dramatic stony-ridge. The 1987 ‘Larose’ rocketed Stonyridge to international fame - hailed as the greatest red wine ever made in New Zealand, and emulated many times since: - please enjoy the short Stonyridge video...