Winery: Santa Margherita Wines
Founded in: 1935 
Region: Eastern Veneto, Italy
Owner/ Chairman: Gaetano Marzotto

This amazing company is best known as pioneers of Italian Pinot Grigio. 80 years of 'actual' winemaking history, but more than two centuries of business history in Veneto: Santa Margherita was founded by Count Paulo Marzotto - with their mission to make the pairing of wines with food into a pleasurable experience, as they believe the customer, grape and the terroir of origin are inseparably linked: - please enjoy the short Santa Margherita video…

Winery: Marqués de Cáceres Wines
Founded in: 1970 
Region: Rioja, Spain
Owner/ CEO: Cristina Forner - (2nd generation)

Marqués de Cáceres is internationally recognised as the leading producer of quality Rioja wines - and as one of the best ambassadors for Spanish wines worldwide. Marqués de Cáceres have the tag-line "a higher form of excellence". The wine was founded in 1970 by the Forner family and considered largely responsible for the wine renaissance in Rioja that has occurred over the past few decades: - please enjoy the short Marqués de Cáceres video…

Winery: Charles Heidsieck 
Founded in: 1851
Region: Reims, France
Chef de Cave: Cyril Brun - (joining on the 25th May 2015)

Charles Heidsieck has all the pedigree for being the top champagne house in the world. Over the decades, without making a fuss, relying on nothing but its exceptional quality, Charles Heidsieck has consolidated its position of the champagne for 'those who know'. The Charles Heidsieck style is the result of a combination between the gifts of nature and the knowhow of the house: - please enjoy the short Charles Heidsieck video...

Winery: Pasqua Family Wines 
Founded in: 1925
Region: Veneto, Italy
Owners/ Winemakers: 3rd Generation Pasqua Family.

Founded in Verona by brothers Riccardo, Natale and Umberto Pasqua - this family business was then managed and grown by the second generation in Carlo, Umberto and Giorgio and now the 3rd generation has taken up the reins and Pasqua remains one of the main privately owned wineries in Italy. Values like family, history, tradition and respect for the terroir are fundamental for the company: - please enjoy the short Pasqua video...