Winery: Domaine Jessiaume Wines 
Founded in: 1850 
Region: Santenay, Burgundy, France
Owner / Director: Sir David Murray

Domaine Jessiaume owned by Sir David Murray since 2006, are in fact the largest landowners in Santenay. The winery works with experienced local winemakers and viticultural consultants to craft boutique, 'terroir specific' wines. Jessiaume produces wines with elegance and finesse - with a philosophy centered on a great respect for the environment, sustainable practices and controlling yields: - please enjoy the short Domaine Jessiaume video…

Winery: Piper Heidsieck Champagne 
Founded in: 1785
Region: Reims, France 
Chef de Cave: Régis Camus

The wines of Piper Heidsieck are radiant and crisp. Over the past 230 years the spirit of the House has evolved without really changing. The Piper style expresses freshness, vivacity and fruit. Piper Heidsieck wines have charm but also structure and precision. In 2011, the Descours family took over the reins. Christopher Descours and his talented team hold the future of this great Maison in their hands: - please enjoy the short Piper Heidsieck video…

Winery: De Bortoli Wines
Founded in: 1928
Region: Yarra Valley, Australia
Owners/ Winemakers: 3rd Generation De Bortoli Family

Family = Passion. De Bortoli has established itself over the past 87 years as Australia's largest family owned winery so the passion is evident. Third generation winemaker, Darren De Bortoli, and his accomplished brother-in-law Steve Webber, oversee the winemaking team - crafting award winning wine vintage after vintage, presenting the finest examples from diverse Australian winegrowing regions: - please enjoy the short De Bortoli video…

Winery: Santa Margherita Wines
Founded in: 1935 
Region: Eastern Veneto, Italy
Owner/ Chairman: Gaetano Marzotto

This amazing company is best known as pioneers of Italian Pinot Grigio. 80 years of 'actual' winemaking history, but more than two centuries of business history in Veneto: Santa Margherita was founded by Count Paulo Marzotto - with their mission to make the pairing of wines with food into a pleasurable experience, as they believe the customer, grape and the terroir of origin are inseparably linked: - please enjoy the short Santa Margherita video…