Winery: Geoff Merrill Wines
Founded in: 1980 
Region: McLaren Vale, South Australia
Owner / Chief Winemaker: Geoff Merrill

Geoff’s winemaking philosophy is to make wine that allows regional, varietal and vintage expression, without excessive winemaker intervention. Great wine is a matter of balance and their passion for subtle, elegant and harmonious flavours in wine, is well respected. Geoff believes that maturation, both in oak barrel and in bottle, in their cellars prior to release, plays an important role in achieving this aim: - please enjoy the short Geoff Merrill video…

Winery: Jules Taylor Wines
Founded in: 2001
Region: Marlborough, New Zealand
Owner / Winemaker: Jules Taylor

In 2001 Jules made her first batch of wine; 200 cases of Pinot Gris and Riesling. Today those cases have been joined by Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Rosé and more recently Grüner Veltliner and Arneis. Marlborough is Sauvignon Blanc and Sauvignon Blanc is Jules Taylor’s obsession. She likes the unique expression of the region. She likes its vibrancy, she likes drinking it, and she loves making it: - please enjoy the short Jules Taylor video…

Winery: Chapel Hill Wines 
Founded in: 1972 - (first wines in 1975)
Region: McLaren Vale, Australia
Chief Winemaker: Michael Fragos

Under the guidance of winemakers Michael Fragos and Bryn Richards, Chapel Hill craft wines with purity and balance, showcasing the charm of McLaren Vale. Shiraz is a dominant varietal at Chapel Hill along with classic Cabernet Sauvignon, evocative Grenache and also fruit driven Chardonnay, which thrives in this maritime climate. Each are handled gently with minimal additions and restrained winemaking: - please enjoy the short Chapel Hill video…

Winery: Domaine Jessiaume Wines 
Founded in: 1850 
Region: Santenay, Burgundy, France
Owner / Director: Sir David Murray

Domaine Jessiaume owned by Sir David Murray since 2006, are in fact the largest landowners in Santenay. The winery works with experienced local winemakers and viticultural consultants to craft boutique, 'terroir specific' wines. Jessiaume produces wines with elegance and finesse - with a philosophy centered on a great respect for the environment, sustainable practices and controlling yields: - please enjoy the short Domaine Jessiaume video…