Winery: Ca' del Bosco
Founded in: 1964
Region: Erbusco, Franciacorta, Italy
Founder: Maurizio Zanella

Maurizio saw in Franciacorta land that would produce the finest fruit, both for still wines and premium bubbles. His winery was the first and best expression of the qualitative potential of this region. A position reached due to the passion of Maurizio, becoming a leader in the Italian wine renaissance and a vanguard winery. A single principle has been defining the essence of Ca’ del Bosco - the quest for excellence: - please enjoy the short Ca' del Bosco video...

Winery: Barros Port
Founded in: 1913
Region: Douro Valley, Portugal
Chief Winemaker: Carlos Alves

Barros Porto is undoubtedly, one of the most prestigious estates producing Port wines. Established in 1913 by Manuel de Almeida located in Vila Nova de Gaia - Portugal. Barros Porto is today famous and appreciated all over the world. Most of its success comes from the Old Tawnies and Colheita Ports and high quality wines matured in cask and oak vats. In June 2006, the Sogevinus Group bought Barros: - please enjoy the short Barros video...

Winery: Domaine Laroche
Founded in: 1850
Region: Chablis, France
Chief Winemaker: Grégory Viennois

The name Domaine Laroche is synonymous with Chablis. The skilled and talented team at Laroche are dedicated to producing top quality wines from this famed appellation. Chablis has a unique mix of limestone, clay and shell, a unique northerly climate and the Chardonnay grape, all combine to produce a style of wine like no other. This video displays more than just another vineyard: - please enjoy the short 'Terroir in the glass' video...

Cooperage: Tonelería del Sur
Founded in: 1974
Region: Montilla, Spain
Chairman: Rafael Cabello Marquez

Tonelería del Sur is building a future with professionalism and a commitment to quality. Wood, Iron and Fire are the fundamental raw materials for their casks. The process unchanged through the centuries, with new technology being incorporated to ensure improved quality. This video shows the crafting of bespoke Whisky barrels made from ex-sherry wood and of different sizes, depending on their use: - please enjoy the short Sherry cask making video...