Winery: Georges Duboeuf
Founded in: 1964
Region: Beaujolais, France
Owner / Director: Franck Duboeuf

Beaujolais Nouveau is the first wine of the French Harvest. At one minute past midnight on the third Thursday in November, over a million cases of Beaujolais Nouveau begin their journey through a sleeping France to make their journey to various wine shops & restaurants around the world...enjoy the coming days of festivities and special menus designed to pair with Beaujolais Nouveau...: - please enjoy this short Georges Duboeuf video…

Winery: Mud House Wines
Founded in: 1996
Region: Marlborough, New Zealand
Chief Winemaker: Cleighten Cornelius

Mud House Wines started in Marlborough - but now has vineyards in the Waipara and Central Otago wine regions. They produce consistently quality focused varietal wines for all wine enthusiasts open to fresh ideas. Their passion and hard work in the vineyard and winery has been rewarded highly both at home and around the world. This short video looks at pre-harvest time in 2017: - please enjoy this short Mud House video…

Winery: Drappier Champagne
Founded in: 1808
Region: Urville, France
Owner / Winemaker: Michel Drappier - 7th Generation

For 8 generations the Drappier family has been cultivating what is authentic and natural in their pursuit of fine Champagne. In Urville, at the heart of the limestone terroir of the Côte des Bar, their Champagne has the strong yet mineral identity of Pinot Noir - along with using the lowest sulphur content of any Champagne and low-dosage, thus providing a dry, aromatic, elegant expression: - please enjoy this short Drappier video…

Winery: Kilikanoon Wines
Founded in: 1997
Region: Clare Valley, South Australia
Owner / Winemaker: Kevin Mitchell

Kilikanoon Wines are the ultimate expression of Clare Valley terroir. Kilikanoon's vineyards have been carefully selected to enable a range of wines which express their individuality. Kilikanoon owes its philosophy to founder Kevin Mitchell and his father Mort. This philosophy has become enshrined in the way they team craft vibrant wines with distinct regional and varietal definition: - please enjoy this short Kilikanoon video…