Grape Varietals: 48% Grenache, 18% Shiraz, 15% Mourvèdre, 10% Carignan, 9% Cinsault.
Growing Region: Barossa Valley, Australia
Owner / Winemaker: Dean Hewitson

Dean Hewitson has been at the top of his game for more than a decade. And this 2014 'Barossa Valley' Rhône blend - crafted from five traditional grape varietals is an every so approachable and engaging red wine that will impress and please any taste buds open to honest ripe fruit flavours, and a wine with a cheeky character. The wines of Hewitson are recognised for their genuine flavour, balance and effortless complexity.


When it comes to reviewing wines - one can only look at what has been made. But Dean and his dedicated team give you such belief in Hewitson wines having an exciting future, not just because of Dean’s passion for all things wine. Which translates into each wine he and his team craft. They also express and reflect their unique terroir and age of their bush vines. Which give such outstanding quality fruit from these ancient, dry grown vineyards in the Barossa Valley. These bush vines vary in age - ranging from younger selections of century old vineyards through to 140-year-old vines.
For those new to this wine - ‘Miss Harry’ is the nickname of Dean’s daughter Harriet, who was also born during the first vintage of this wine, and as her two older brothers have a named wine, so Harriet rightly deserved hers.
Historically back in the Rhône Valley several red varietals were planted so that depending upon the growing season a winemaker had ripe fruit to product a wine from the vintage. Then if the conditions were ideal and each varietal was ripe, the art of blending and making something greater than the individual parts was the focus. This 2014 vintage as with previous expressions is a wine in the elk of the later - a masterful blend of Grenache, Shiraz, Mourvèdre, Carignan and Cinsault all squeezed into the same bottle and each having booked their rightful and deserved place in the mix.
As each varietal was deemed ready for hand-harvesting - the small parcels were brought only a short distance into the winery for traditional vinification. After fermentation and blending the wine underwent 12 months’ maturation and aging in seasoned French oak barriques.
As you pour this wine into a generous glass - you are greeted by a vibrant red colour with a purple hue. On the nose this wine has aromas of cherries, strawberries, spice and Provençale herbs. The palate is generous with gloriously juicy ripe forest fruits, dried spices and herbs and a smooth mouth-feel derived from its maturation and ageing on yeast lees in old French oak barrels. The concentrated fruits, fine tannins and perfectly integrated acidity result in a well-balanced early drinking style red wine and a smooth dry finish.
This 2014 Hewitson ‘Miss Harry’ Rhône Blend has 14% Alc. Decanter for 30-45 minutes and serve in a generous shaped glass at 16-17°C.

An engaging, generous and smooth Rhône blend from the Barossa Valley.

Drinking perfectly well this coming season; and will age nicely for another 3-4 years. 

Perfect wine with bbq’d, grilled or roasted mild red meats, varied classic pizza’s and pasta dishes, earthy vegetarian dishes and aged hard cheeses - enjoy.