Over the past 28 years I have created many opportunities and had the pleasure to meet, learn and work with some of the world’s most passionate and talented winemakers, viticulturists, chefs, restaurateurs and retailers. For nearly 20 years, I have consulted and made wine in New Zealand, Australia, Italy and France. Over the same period, sharing what I have learnt with others, hosting tastings, wine classes and bespoke chef’s dinners alike. Along with being asked to be the ambassador for over 70 wine brands from around the world.
During this time - I have received generous feedback, comments and acknowledgements about my passion, dedication and contribution to the industry. The following are a collection of the most recent acknowledgments from respected industry leaders around the world.


Stage 1 - Introduction to Wine:

The world of wine is fascinating, intriguing and can be very rewarding. There are few greater pleasures in life than opening a bottle of wine you carefully selected yourself - (or even better, you have cellared patiently for a number of years) and enjoying it with good food and good friends.
However, it can also be an intimidating subject - as the sheer number of wines and styles available on our retail shelves and on wine-lists in New Zealand has never been greater. It can be a process of great confusion selecting the right wine for the right occasion and pairing it with cuisine.


Stage 2 - Intermediate Level:

This wine class is designed for the more experienced and confident wine person. If you are more than passionate about wine and are focused on the differences in wine and want to learn more about the classic wine varietals and regions of the world - then this Intermediate Level - Stage 2 Wine Class is for you.

This wine class is aimed at the ‘Intermediate’ wine student who already has a good, general knowledge and understanding about grape varietals and how wine is made. Along with some experience with wine and food, and now wants to go to the next level.


French Wine Class - Intermediate Level:

This 2 hour French Focus Wine session looks at a series of traditional, regional and varietal French wines. The class is for people with several years of wine experience and knowledge, and for people interested in the specific and unique wine styles from around France.

This Intermediate level wine class looks at influences such as: climate, soil, grape variety and winemaking techniques, looking at the special characteristics of each grape and region, and finishing with pairing traditional and non-traditional cuisine with these dynamic wines.