During our own ‘Tour-de-France 2014’, though by rental car - the last official destination, winery visit on our itinerary was with the talented team at Domaine Paul Mas Estate. Domaines Paul Mas has grown at an astonishing rate in recent years and are now one of the main wine estates in the South of France. The Mas family have been cultivating grapes in the Languedoc region since 1892. Though it has only been since 2000 that a new legacy began, when Jean-Claude Mas the owner and winemaker created Domaines Paul Mas, with 35ha of land he inherited in 1987 from his father, Paul Mas.
Paul Mas winery, head-office, wine-shop and stunning bespoke restaurant, located just outside of Montagnac - is a sign of both the growth and the potential future this region has to offer.


After a most relaxing and enjoyable few days at Château Routas in Provence - it was time to pack the car once again and make our way to the Languedoc region. We drove for about 3 hours and based ourselves in the historic small town of Pézenas, staying in a most delightful, recently renovated Monastery in the heart of the town.
On a bright Wednesday morning we arrived at the stunning Mas La Chevalière estate and winery - located in the heart of Languedoc wine region, close to Béziers in the South of France. We were warmly greeted by the winery and head-office team; including Damien D'Ovidio - (their Asia Export Manager) and Géraud Blanc - (Mas La Chevalière vineyard manager & winemaker).


We woke to a beautiful day in Tain-l’Hermitage, and after an enjoyable, relaxed breakfast on the edge of the Rhône River. We packed the car for a leisurely 3 hour drive south to Château Routas located down the road from the tiny village of Bras, in the appellation of ‘Coteaux Varois’ in Provence.
As you turn off the sleepy country road and drive down the lengthy dirt driveway - the estate is still a mystery. You then come around the side of the winery building and cellar, the estate slowly reveals itself between the trees. Château Routas sits in a most spectacular of settings, amongst mature trees, with vines sweeping up in front of the main house which are surrounded by a dense forest the home to wild boar.


Waking up today in our hotel we found ourselves in the middle of the ‘Tour-de-France’ cycle race - literally. We had support crew, cameramen and reporters staying at our hotel, and the roads around the town of Romanèche-Thorins in Beaujolais were to be closed as the next stage went through the region.
We wanted to get to our next destination on our own ‘Wine-Tour-of-France’ which was Tain-l'Hermitage in the Rhône Valley, just a short 1 hour 45 minute drive south. Again we had a beautiful day to set forth and when finally arriving in Tain-l'Hermitage, you couldn’t find a more picturesque location. With the town built along the Rhône River and the Hermitage hill as a backdrop with La Chapelle sitting proud at the top looking down upon us.