Stonyridge is one of New Zealand’s most acclaimed red wine producers, located on the beautiful island of Waiheke, near Auckland city. Founded by Stephen White in 1982, when he returned to New Zealand after competing in the Whitbread Round the World yacht race to embark upon another great challenge of establishing a vineyard.
The first vintage was in 1985 - then 2 years later he produced the great 1987 Larose Bordeaux blend that rocketed Stonyridge to international recognition and was claimed as the greatest red wine yet made in New Zealand.
This unique vineyard is six hectares planted north-facing under the Stonyridge ridge line (hence the name) on poor, low-fertility Waitemata clay.


Jorge Moreira graduated with a degree in ‘Winemaking’ in 1995 from the Vila Real University (with his post degree training done in Italy). Jorge then joined ‘Real Companhia Velha’ for seven years and was involved in the initial development of their Fine Wine Division. He focused on researching the most ideal grape varietals and their adaptation to different viticultural practices so as to craft wines of an international standard and quality.
Jorge travelled across Portugal and abroad, participating in wine fairs around the world - taking the opportunity to sample as many wines and meet with as many winemakers as possible. All this being essential for him, as he could then better define what he liked and the style of wine he wanted to make.


Cyril Brun joined the Champagne House of Charles Heidsieck as ‘chef de cave’ on the 25th of May 2015. He has been working alongside Régis Camus, with his support and with guidance from the director of the house Stephen Leroux.
Previously Cyril worked at Veuve Clicquot for 15 years, where he was a senior red winemaker, looking after their Pinot Noir development and customer communications. Cyril was born in the small town of Aÿ, located just over 4km’s north-east of Epernay. And coming from a family with a lengthy history as: Champagne growers, négociants and wine barrel-makers, and with his own background in oenology. Both Cyril’s father and grandfather were winemakers in the Champagne region.


Chief winemaker Wayne Stehbens has been responsible for the outstanding wines crafted at Katnook Estate Winery located in Coonawarra, Australia - since its establishment 36 years ago. This fact makes Wayne one of the countries longest, continuous serving winemakers - ‘but I would like to make it clear to readers - that this does not mean the oldest’.
Katnook Estate was originally founded by a Scotsman - John Riddoch, who established the vineyard back in 1890 - known then as the Coonawarra Fruit Colony. John Riddoch planted 57 hectares of vines, with his first vintage being made in a woolshed on the property in 1895. From 1897 wines were made at what is now the Wynn’s winery; built by William Salter.