The Eisch family glassworks was founded in Frauenau, deep in the Bavarian Forest outside the city of Munich in Germany. The glassmaking tradition of the Eisch family dates back over 300 years to Mathias Alesch; who was born in the Bohemian Forest in 1689, and who worked at a small glassworks factory.
In 1914, Valentin Eisch founder of the Eisch glass factory; worked as a master engraver at the crystal glass factory of Counsellor of Commerce Isidor Gistl. In 1946 he started his own glass refining factory with his wife Therese, in order to build a more secure future for their six children. The existing glass factories in the Bavarian Forest feared growing competition, which they tried to prevent; by blocking raw glass deliveries to the Eisch factory.


The Eisch family therefore were forced to establish their own glass production. At the time, it what was the youngest and smallest glass factory in Bavaria, and their first glass was formed in December 1952. Despite the immense initial difficulties, the factory was extended to a 12 pot furnace by 1956. Close co-operation from all the family members and their talented and loyal employees, gave rise to a continuous and upward development.
Erwin Eisch (born in 1927) was the pioneer and spiritual father of what is now known as the ‘studio glass movement’ in Europe. For the glass factory, he provided important innovative and creative influences and is described by the family as "a person with a different mind" and is still today so important to the family business.


Already in its 3rd generation of glassmakers, Eisch is known for its quality items, unique skills and creative innovations in glass. Over the years Eisch has earned an outstanding reputation, along with many awards and recognition from the glass-working world for its unique abilities and contributions.
Since 1995 Eisch has been voted 14 times as the number one glass producer by German retailers. In 2006 Eisch was chosen as one of the most innovative businesses in Germany in the nationwide competition ‘Land of Ideas’.
Eisch has received many endorsements and praise from around the world for its ‘SensisPlus’ Glasses. The Eisch ‘SensisPlus’ Glass Innovation was chosen as ‘Product of the Year’ in Canada in 2007. Eisch innovations, such as the ‘SensisPlus’ Glass and the ‘No Drop Effect’ in Decanters, have given Eisch a unique position in the glass market, that differentiate it dramatically from other producers. Eisch is constantly researching and creating new technologies that help improve the enjoyment of wine from their glasses.


Eisch designers not only create aesthetically beautiful glasses - they have also mastered modern technology that allows these glasses to improve the experience of drinking wine by enhancing its aromatics, perceived flavour and texture (mouth-feel). Mankind has been making wine for thousands of years, and we are still learning new ways to enjoy it.
The unique Eisch ‘SensisPlus’ wine glass is made of the highest quality ‘lead-free crystal’ and was specially developed to accentuate the character of wine, allowing its full expression to be appreciated. Eisch is at the cutting edge of glass innovation and technology.
Eisch Glaskultur is completely family owned, and has grown into one of the world’s finest and most important glass manufacturers. Today, the company is run by Julia Eichinger-Eisch and Eberhard Eisch, third generation members of the Eisch family, as well as Alan Zalayet, Partner/President Export of Eisch and Managing Director/ CEO of Eisch USA.
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