A standard drink is a theoretical drink that contains a specified amount of pure alcohol. The standard drink is used in many countries to quantify alcohol intake. It is usually expressed as a measure of beer, wine, or spirits for convenience. One standard drink always contains the same amount of alcohol regardless of container size or type of alcoholic beverage. The standard drink varies significantly between countries: 7.62ml (6g) of alcohol in Austria to as high as 25ml (19.75g) in Japan.
The value of one standard drink does not necessarily reflect a typical serving size in a country. In the UK the term 'unit of alcohol' is used instead. For example, a typical drink of 1 pint of Ale of 5% alcohol by volume contains 2.8 units.


The Standard Drinks measure in New Zealand is a simple way to work out how much alcohol you are drinking. It measures the amount of pure alcohol in a drink. One standard drink equals 10grams of pure alcohol.

Standard Drinks Calculation:
ABV (alcohol by volume) x 0.789 x volume in litres = number of standard drinks. e.g. for a 750ml bottle of wine at 14% alcohol by volume: 14 x 0.789 x 0.750 = 8.3 Standard Drinks.

It must be remembered that there is no level of drinking that is safe for all people all the time. Factors like health, age, and weight directly affect how much it is safe for you to drink. For some, no alcohol is the only safe option.

*Guidelines Only:
On any one drinking occasion you should drink no more than: 6 standard drinks (for men) & 4 standard drinks (for women).
In any one week, you should drink no more than: 21 standard drinks (for men) & 14 standard drinks (for women).

When drinking alcohol, always try to eat food at the same time.
If you are going to drink, always have an alternative way to get home rather than driving.
Research indicates that driving after consuming any level of alcohol impairs your ability.

Always Drink Responsibly!