The world's first re-sealable, reusable and recyclable sparkling wine closure. The ZORK SPK is the world's first re-sealable top for sparkling wines. This radical design move has given a new option for presentation and closure of sparkling wine. It allows easy open and re-seal, which encourages consumption in moderation and extends the life of the product.

ZORK is a privately owned South Australian company that designs and manufactures alternative closures for the beverage industry - (founder, inventor and technical director, John Brooks). They began development of the Zork SPK in 2007; the closure is a sister to the company's still wine seal STL.


Prototypes have been under test since March 2008, made from the same food-grade materials as its still wine STL relative, the new sparkling wine closure (dubbed SPK for short).
Containing an ingenious 4 piece construction, the ZORK SPK features a soft seal which holds the pressure, a foil gas barrier to prevent flatness and oxidation, and a collet and cap locking mechanism. The ZORK SPK has a 40% smaller carbon footprint than the 'cork - muselet' and foil method, and becomes a reusable re-sealer for other bottles for the rest of its working lifetime and is 100% recyclable.

The ZORK SPK design combines the ease of use found in screw tops with the pop and resealing ability of a natural cork. To open a zork sealed wine, the user peels off the bottom part of the cap and then simply lifts the top part off. The cap can be reused after popping to preserve the wine and never requires a corkscrew or other special tool.
ZORK says thorough testing has shown that the 'peel and re-seal', low density polyethylene closures retain the same qualities in wine as traditional cork and muselet closures with no flavour reduction or tainting. Plus the 'pop' sound on opening is also retained.